Did You Know This About Wisdom Teeth?

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How much do you know about your wisdom teeth? Do you see your wisdom teeth? Do you know them by their less-common name? We have provided the following information to help you learn more about wisdom teeth and provide you with further insight on questions you can ask us during your next appointment.

Wisdom teeth are also referred to as your third molars and are one-to-four molars that are located in a mature set of teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to erupt through your dental arches, and some patients don’t receive all four of their wisdom teeth or even any at all. In more rare cases, some patients can have more than four of these molars.

Because wisdom teeth don’t always have enough space and can easily become impacted beneath the gums, they may not be visible in your smile, and for this reason, some patients do not realize they have wisdom teeth. A dental exam with the dentist may be needed to determine whether or not there are wisdom teeth in your smile, how many, and whether they are causing problems. If your wisdom teeth are causing any pressure or pain or are jeopardizing your other teeth, Dr. Thomas Hicks may suggest that you have them removed.

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