How Dentures are Made and Placed in Your Mouth

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Losing several or all of your permanent teeth can impede your ability to speak and eat properly, and may cause your facial shape to sag. Our dentist can provide customized dentures to help you regain these features and have a beautiful smile. We are excited to provide a general review of the process of creating dentures and how they impact your smile.

At LifeSmile Dental Group, we offer dentures to meet your tooth replacement needs, including partial and complete dental restoration. If you have remaining healthy teeth, we can preserve more of your natural smile by placing a partial denture; however, total tooth loss may necessitate the use of complete dentures.

Your dentures can be fully customized to the shape and appearance of your natural smile due to the detailed impressions we take of the bite and jaw. These are used to create highly accurate models so that we can test your mouth shape and position, as well as create the dentures to meet the specified color and fit. Following the casting and completion of the final dentures and any last adjustments, you can wear your dentures for several years.

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