Information About Dental Damage Prevention

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When you are ready to improve your oral health care, it is wise to think about all areas in which your teeth are at risk. In addition, your gums are also often in harm’s way, so it is important to analyze and assess risk factors that can be present and what you can do to prevent them. In order to best serve your smile, take the necessary steps to prevent dental damage from occurring.

It’s always a good idea to monitor any damage that may be associated with your wisdom teeth Wisdom teeth do not always grow in properly and can lead to issues and problems such as tooth decay and infections. Furthermore, your wisdom teeth you can place additional pressure on nearby or surrounding teeth.

So, check your smile to remain safe, and always wear the appropriate safety equipment and oral appliances when participating in any activities in which blunt trauma can occur. Due to the fact that an oral accident or injury can severely damage your oral health in a second, make sure to wear safety equipment such as mouth guards and face masks.

Be aware that numerous choices and habits you partake in during your day-to-day life activities can destroy your smile and cause significant dental damage. If you are smoking or chewing tobacco, as well as using drugs, not only they can they destroy your smile, they can cause irreparable tooth loss and physical harm in the form of several cancers. In addition, wearing mouth jewelry such as lip or tongue rings can cause nerve damage and lead to infectious diseases. Mouth jewelry can even promote dental damage in the form of cracked or chipped teeth.

Are you finally beginning to understand the oral health benefits of dental damage prevention treatments? To learn more about dental damage prevention treatments, or to schedule an appointment with your dentist at LifeSmile Dental Group, call Dr. Thomas Hicks and our entire team at our dentist office in Portland, Oregon at 503-644-5433.  With dental damage prevention treatments, we will make sure you receive the smile you’ve always wished for.