Ideas for Fighting Bad Breath

Do you detest having bad breath? LifeSmile Dental Group has some helpful tips for you. One thing you can do is keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy - in your backpack, purse, or even in your desk at work. Brush your teeth after meals - and remember to brush your... Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Chewing Gum

Have you ever considered using an alternative dental cleaning tool or technique beyond the traditional brushing and flossing daily routines? While brushing and flossing should never be skipped or replaced, there are supplemental cleaning utensils and methods you can consider, such as mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum. Create an improved... Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Do you wish you could enjoy your smile? Do you have some flaws that you wish you could hide? If so, then we have exciting news for you! Dental veneers are a way to conceal these flaws and give you a smile you can adore and be proud of. Here... Read more »

A Dental Implant Is One of the Most Effective Methods for Restoring a Missing Tooth

Tooth loss can cause several complications. This could start with a decreased ability to chew food, an alteration in the clarity of your speech, and a change in the appearance of your smile. As time goes on, the structural void left by the missing tooth can cause the surrounding teeth... Read more »

Sensitive Teeth Care and Solutions

Sensitive teeth are an irritating object while trying to do daily things such as eating or drinking. We want to help you treat your teeth here at LifeSmile Dental Group so you can go about your day in ease. Each treatment depends on the origin, with which there are multiple... Read more »

A Large Cavity on One of Your Front Teeth Might Require a Crown

When a cavity forms on one of your front teeth, it can certainly standout in your smile. If you fail to seek professional treatment at LifeSmile Dental Group’s Portland, Oregon dental offices, the tooth decay could spread. In a situation where the cavity compromises the biting surface, or grows too... Read more »

Are Your Teeth in Need of Upgraded Brushing Techniques?

Are your teeth in need of upgraded brushing techniques? As a habit that you should be practicing at least twice daily, would you say that you are doing a terrific job brushing your teeth? Although many people take extra care to brush their teeth successfully, they fail to remember to... Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Needs Timely Repair to Prevent a Dangerous Cavity from Developing

There are several different things that could chip a tooth. This often comes in the form of grinding your teeth at night on a regular basis or using your teeth as tools. Most chips are limited to the tooth enamel layer of the tooth and they cause very little discomfort... Read more »

Stop Cavities in Their Tracks with Dental Fillings

When your tooth enamel is damaged, a hole can begin to form. When the hole digs clear into the tooth’s root, it is referred to as a cavity. Luckily, there is a dental procedure to treat cavities. Stop cavities in their tracks with dental fillings. Dental fillings can be used... Read more »

Closing the Space in Your Smile

Sometimes, a tooth can be lost because of severe decay, gum disease, an injury, or another issue. If you have lost one or more teeth, Dr. Thomas Hicks may suggest a dental bridge in Portland, Oregon. A dental bridge is made up of two dental crowns with a replacement tooth... Read more »