A Minor Dental Fracture Might Be Repaired by Installing a Dental Filling

Tooth enamel is a very hard substance capable of handling years of biting, chewing, and grinding. Unfortunately, there are still some things that can chip tooth enamel or cause a more significant dental fracture. Even if you aren’t experiencing any discomfort in the chipped tooth, you should still have it examined and treated by a dentist like Dr. Thomas Hicks,... read more »

What Does Root Canal Therapy Do for Your Smile?

Dr. Thomas Hicks and our LifeSmile Dental Group team are always happy to help our patients in Portland, Oregon, experience the best possible dental care while providing safe, effective, comfortable treatment, even during root canal therapy. Most patients don’t anticipate root canals as comfortable, but it is entirely possible! Our goal is to relieve your tooth pain and save your... read more »