The Best Way to Clean Your Tongue

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Did you know that your tongue may be the most important part of your mouth to clean? After all, it is the only thing in your mouth that can move so quickly. It can easily spread bad bacteria to the rest of your mouth if you are not careful. It also has many ridges and rough surfaces where these things grow.

Cleaning the tongue is a simple process. After you brush your teeth, run your brush over the top of the tongue in slow circular motions. Remember to brush off the sides and tip of the tongue as well. As a bonus, this will give you fresher breath.

As an addition or alternative, consider using a tongue scraper. The tongue scraper has a small handle for you to hold it on one end and the scraper on the other end. Simply sweep the scraper back and forth over the tongue. If there is visible buildup in between scrapes, you’ll wan to rinse the scraper before continuing.

Another resource at your metaphorical fingertips is antiseptic mouthwash. This will help your tongue and mouth rid itself of any remaining bacteria while also giving you minty fresh breath.

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