The Remarkable Reasons for Wearing Dentures

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Fun fact: For over 2,000 years, people have worn artificial teeth to replace tooth loss. However, many patients remain suspicious of dentures since earlier models more closely resembled pieces of chalk than natural teeth. We are pleased to inform you that dentures have become highly advanced in appearance and function, and can be customized to your unique mouth so that you can enjoy a natural look. Below, we have listed some of the remarkable reasons dentures can enhance your smile.

Modern dentures include high-quality dental materials such as metal, fiberglass, and acrylic to ensure they are highly effective in replacing missing teeth. This also enables you to chew efficiently and enunciate your speech. Furthermore, sagging facial structures that have lost proper tooth support can be restored and smoothed out when you wear dentures.

Though most people probably envision their grandparents when they hear about dentures, these tooth replacement options can benefit all ages and can be customized to the extent of the tooth loss. A few missing teeth may require a partial denture, while an empty dental arch can be restored with a complete denture.

Instead of focusing on what is the best age to receive dentures, instead consider their benefits in comparison to other dental restorations, such as the fact that they are often more affordable than restorations such as dental implants.

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