What Does Root Canal Therapy Do for Your Smile?

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Dr. Thomas Hicks and our LifeSmile Dental Group team are always happy to help our patients in Portland, Oregon, experience the best possible dental care while providing safe, effective, comfortable treatment, even during root canal therapy.

Most patients don’t anticipate root canals as comfortable, but it is entirely possible! Our goal is to relieve your tooth pain and save your teeth. With root canal therapy, we get to the “root” of your problem while making you as comfortable as possible.

To understand how this is accomplished, first let’s take a look at the tooth pulp. A root canal is done on an inflamed or infected tooth pulp to rid it of decay. Tooth pulp houses connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves which branch out into each root through canals in the tooth. Due to bacterial decay entering the pulp, it can become inflamed or infected. Bacteria can reach the pulp through a deep cavity, cracks or breaks in the tooth, tooth injury, having repeated dental procedures, such as dental fillings, and even gum disease.

When we perform root canal therapy, you will be made comfortable with a local anesthetic to the tooth. Our dentist will remove any damaged pulp and thoroughly clean and disinfect the space left behind. This space will then be filled and sealed with a rubberlike material called gutta-percha, and at some point, the tooth will require either a dental filling or crown.

We recommend daily removal of oral debris, bacteria, and plaque through brushing and flossing daily and keeping up with routine professional dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar deposits from your smile.

Root canal therapy offers the gift of saving a tooth while ending tooth pain in the process. If you would like to find out more, or schedule your next visit, please give our team a call at 503-644-5433. Dr. Thomas Hicks and our LifeSmile Dental Group team in Portland, Oregon, are here for you!